We are Celebrating Over 50 years of business. 
Nurman M. Bill founded Bill's Well Drilling Company in 1960.  Today his children and grandchildren run the business.
Helping Families and Communities Get Water for Over 50 Years
NC Well Drilling License
SC Well Drilling License
NGWA- Certified Well Driller
NGWA- Certified Pump Installer
C-Well Operator License
Electrical License
General Contractor License
IGSPH Certified
We Are
Bonded & Insured
800 McArthur Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28311 - Phone: 910-488-3740 - Fax: 910-488-3687 - billswater@nc.rr.com
Do you have problems like these?
We can help with a Water Treatment System
Need a Well Cover?
Protect your investment with one of our stylish rock covers
Tired of having to prime your jet pump?
Upgrade to a Submersible Pump and never have to prime again
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